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At Allstate Pools and Spas, we can turn your Thousand Oaks inground pool dream into a reality. Our Thousand Oaks pool builders will approach your project individually, using our advanced skills to create something exquisite. If you want to breathe new life into your home or commercial facility, put your trust in the best Thousand Oaks pool builder working today.

Thousand Oaks Pool Contractor, Builder and Inground Pools

  • Our Thousand Oaks inground pool builders have more than 40 years of experience
  • We use higher quality, more durable materials on every pool we create
  • Our expert Thousand Oaks pool builders provide every client with a lifetime warranty on the structure of every pool and gunite
  • Upfront pricing, endless features, and unmatched experience is what sets our Thousand Oaks pool contractors apart
  • Contact us today for a free consultation with our inground pool builder and a 3D rendering of your new pool in your backyard

As the most trusted pool builder in Thousand Oaks, we have the skills to create something truly extraordinary that you will enjoy for years to come. New technology makes it possible to achieve any look in your backyard, with an inground swimming pool that transcends the ordinary. Your luxury Thousand Oaks inground pool should complement your home, with landscaping and features that reward a well-earned lifestyle.

Thousand Oaks Pool Builders

These are the parts of your pool that you can see, but we put just as much work into the parts of your pool that you can’t see. Our Thousand Oaks pool contractors use more steel to bolster durability. We use more plaster and higher grade masonry, and then back up the workmanship.

Every pool pump, fixture, and heater is of the highest quality and comes complete with factory warranties.

If you’re ready to create the best Thousand Oaks inground pool money can buy, we have the experience and dedication to make it happen. Contact us today for more information.

Thousand Oaks Inground Pool Builders You Can Trust

We also can install Infinity pools, pit barbecues, water slides, pool spas, and fully develop the landscaping around your pool. After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a 3D rendering of what the finished product will look like, so you can start dreaming of those warm days with friends and family around your new pool.

Take a more in-depth look at our website, and let your imagination run wild. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Thousand Oaks Tidbits

Thousand Oaks is Ventura County’s second biggest city. Located in the northwest region of the Greater Los Angeles Area, it is approximately 35 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and is less than 15 miles from the neighborhood of Woodland Hills in Los Angeles. The city gained its name after the many oak trees that grow in the area. According to the 2015 U.S. census report, the total population was around 129,339 residents. As for its landmass, Thousand Oaks has a total area of 55 square miles, making it 20 percent bigger than San Francisco.

The city’s rich history started when the Chumash Native Americans who settled in the area. In 1542, it was discovered by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spanish explorer. No one inhabited the area until the early 1800s when the Spain gave land grants to soldiers. The 48,671-acre land included the Conejo Valley. It was named after the Spanish word for rabbit.

In 1875, the first post office was built. Since then, the area started to transform into an attractive town from being an ordinary Ventura County settlement. During the 1900s, more developments flourished when a family bought 10,000 acres of land and started planning a full-scale community.

By 1961, there were already two shopping centers, schools, churches and a college in the developing town. The community was incorporated on Sept. 29, 1964. It officially became the City of Thousand Oaks, which was named after the abundant oak trees. After a few years of its Cityhood, Thousand Oaks had almost 20,000 residents.

Since the city’s incorporation, the land area grew to 55.33 square miles. Westlake and Newbury Park were added to the city during the 1970s. The city even has designated hiking trails for people to commune with nature. Not only that, Thousand Oaks also has about 1,000 home lots, 2,000 single-family homes, and a huge commercial hub.

According to FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports in 2013, Thousand Oaks ranked as the fourth safest city with a population of more than 100,000 residents Recognized for being one of the most desirable places in the country, Thousand Oaks is remains to be one of the best and safest places to live, work, and relax.

Thousand Oaks offer a variety of places to visit to for tourists and locals alike. If you are a dog lover, you can visit Conejo Creek Dog Park; it is designed for the enjoyment of the community’s furry friends and pet owners. It is partitioned into two sections, one for small dogs and the other for large dogs (more than 30 lbs.) Drinking fountains with attached dog water fountains are present in the area.

For movie geeks, scenes from “Birth of a Nation,” “Tarzan,” and “The Adventures of Robin Hood” were actually filmed in Thousand Oaks. Have you ever wondered if the lion from MGM was real? Well, yes, he was. The lion was actually from Goebel’s Lion Farm Site (aka Jungleland). Located at Southwest corner of Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Conejo School Road, the farm site was established in 1927 as a place where Goebel could breed and care for peculiar animals that are for rental to film outfits.

Love the outdoors? Don’t worry because 1/3 of Thousand Oaks is set aside as an open space for those who are into hiking, biking, horseback riding and wildlife. Take a breath of fresh air as you bike within 150 miles of multipurpose trails that provide recreational opportunities for all ages. The city also offers natural areas like untouched hillside areas, creeks, oak woodlands and animals such as deer, coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions.

Aside from being hailed as one of the greenest cities in America, Thousand Oaks also has a wide array of historical landmarks you can add to your bucket list when visiting the city such as Hillcrest Center, Janss House, Crowley House, Dos Vientos Ranch Buildings, and the Sycamore Tree among many others.

The Hillcrest Center became a historic landmark on April 8, 1997. This is the site of the first city hall built in Thousand Oaks. The building contained the administrative offices of the city and park district until 1988. The city of Thousand Oaks now owns the Janss House, but it was originally for Peter Janss in 1931. The Janss family to the U.S. from Denmark in 1870. If you want to visit this historic house, head over to 482 Greenmeadow Drive.

Another famous house in the city is the Crowley House. It was in 1986 when it was declared as one of Ventura Country’s important landmarks. The Conejo Valley Park District currently owns the property and it used as the district’s office. It was built for a couple named Frank and Mae Casey Crowley. The two-story house was nicknamed “Mother of Thousand Oaks.” It contains five bedrooms and its hardwood floors and rustic fireplace are still in place. If you want to tour the house, be sure to plan ahead as it is available by appointment only.

Today, Thousand Oaks is included in the top 50 bike-friendly cities and it is also one of the 10 cities to start a family. In the city, you will also find prestigious schools, spacious parks, and multiple shopping outlets.

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