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Allstate Pools is the #1 Builder of Pools in Thousand Oaks!

Here at Allstate Pools, mission #1 is to build the best in ground swimming pool possible for our customers to enjoy, not just maintain. Each pool get built right, the first time!

For close to 30 years, Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks has been building entertainment for residents of Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas. It is our sole mission to build our customers one of a kind in ground pools, spas, outdoor kitchens and other features that they will enjoy, and not just maintain. When Allstate Pools builds an in ground swimming pool, we are aware that not everyone of our customers will understand the mechanics of an in ground swimming pool. That’s why the pool experts here at Allstate Pools, educate every customer about the entire construction process, the important details of ownership, the proper maintenance procedures to ensure the in ground swimming pool maintains the best possible appearance and operation, and ensuring that no shortcuts are taken during the design of the customers in ground swimming pool or spa

We here at Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks are excited that you have chosen us for you in ground pool building needs! The team at Allstate Pools understands that deciding to build an in ground pool is a major undertaking, and contractors are honored to be given the opportunity to share our experience and educate you  on how an in ground pool or spa is built to your unique specifications and needs!

With over 25 years of in ground pool building experience, the design team and contractors at Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks, have the necessary experience and knowledge to take your vision of the ultimate in ground pool and transform it into reality!  Allstate Pools considers itself to be more than just a company with pool contractors who build in ground pools. The process is much more involved than that. Purchasing a pool tends to be an emotional experience for the buyer, and Allstate Pools makes sure its office staff, design team, and contractors are there before, during and even after the in ground pool and spa process is complete to both inform and educate you. Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks not only listens completely to all your needs and wishes, but we also make every effort possible to anticipate your future needs and wishes as well!

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Because Allstate Pools understands the inground pool building process at the high level we do, we can assure you the process from design to completed construction will go as smooth as possible! Our skilled team of design professional and experienced construction contractors truly understand what it takes for the proper design and building of you inground pool.  No matter what kind of shape, and no matter what size of inground pool you dream of, and no matter what the location, Allstate Pools will make it happen!

As a builder of custom inground pools, Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks offers an endless variety options, to make sure that not only is your inground pool of the highest quality, but also uniquely designed just for you! All the various features like slides, shelves, beach entries and even grottos can be designed to be a part of your inground pool design, which will add to its appearance and uniqueness. You will also be able to pick various other features like mosaics, waterfalls, or even colored lighting, which will add great ambiance and beauty to your inground pool!


Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks has an amazing staff, along with highly skilled contractors to build inground pools and spas, and have been recognized time and time again for the innovative and quality work they preform ,  along with having been complimented many times for the incredible customer service,and Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks has received many awards for their inground pool designs! Check out the many customer reviews on our site as well!


Allstate Pools is the nations largest in ground pool builder. With this dinstinction, we are able to have amazing buying power when it comes to procuring the highest quality materials, and this translates to some incredible saving which Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks can pass on to you. It also give us the ability to offer some amazing warranties to our clients. Also, when needed, we are able to assist in obtaining financing for your in ground pool. Being the leader in construction of in ground pools, we offer a total package of amazing servicer to our clients, as well as the highes quality and best selection, which results in you getting the best product at the best value!

Allstate Pools works very hard to provide each and every customer with the best possible in ground pool building experience. It’s not enough to be a qualified builder, or an honest builder – Allstae Pools Thousand Oaks is committed to taking care of you every step of the way! Allstate Pools works very hard to live up to reputation we have built over the last 25+ years! What makes Allstate pools so different from many other builders is our sincere desire to take care of your wants, needs and concerns and we will work very hard to make you fell like all of your in ground pool needs are taken care of in a timely manner!

Allstate Pools Thousand Oaks works hard to have each and every customer treated with a level of service that is second to none! Check out our reviews and see just what our customers think! Then call Allstate Pools to get the in ground pool of your dreams!

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