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At Allstate Pools Calabasas,we understand that the entire process of designing and building an in-ground pool and spa is a major under taking,  and that designers, contractors and builders will be dealing with various terrain, landscaping, and design challenges.   A lot of careful thought should go into the design, location, and shape of your in-ground pool.


Sometimes a smaller pool might be a good idea for a property that has limited size, particularly if you decide that you may want to add other areas in which entertain and enjoy your backyard oasis.   Your in-ground pool doesn’t have to be olympic-sized in order for you to be able to enjoy swimming in it!


  Depending on the ground on your property, and whether or not it is level you may or may not have to do anything to get your in-ground pool.   The experts at Allstate Pools will talk with you about where they think and where you desire to have your pool go as well as what size and what shape of in-ground pool would be best suited to your property and your needs.


Depending on what type of landscaping may be in the way.  Allstate Pools and their contractors and builders may have to clear it out or they’ll find a way to get it cleared out before they can start building.


Is important also not to forget about pool equipment  to compliment your in-ground pool! things such as pumps attached or detached hot tubs, and a heater will also take up valuable space.   Our team of builders here at Allstate Pools Calabasas will design a space where you won’t have to see such unsightly needed additions to your in-ground pool.



What do in-ground pools cost?



Allstate pools Calabasas understands that One of the very first things most people would like to know when they talk to an in-round swimming pool builder is how much is this pool going to cost me?   If you’ve never had an in-ground pool before you probably don’t have a clue and that’s okay. There are many factors which will determine the cost of your in-ground pool and that will be determined mostly by you.   even though in-ground pool prices can vary from different parts of the country to another, a standard in-ground pool price starts in the neighborhood of $20,000 to $28,000 in most areas. This cost would cover a typical geometric free-from or possibly classic style pool with no spa being attached to the in-ground pool.   should you happen to live in an area that has rocky terrain, or even sloping terrain, it is possible that you may incur additional costs related to excavation and engineering, but generally as a rule, most of the in-ground pools that Allstate pools Calabasas builds are on relatively level and flat home lots.


When determining in-ground pool cost,  it is important to look at the features of your in-ground pool.   

Most swimming pools like the one above, with no spa, are generally much more affordable than you might think. Any additional expenses can also be determined by the bells and whistles that you may choose to add to your in-ground pool.   Allstate Pools Calabasas understands that since all of the pools that we build our custom design, there are endless options which can be incorporated to make your pool exactly how you dreamed it should be. Things such as grottos, colored lighting,  waterfalls, various automation, travertine decking, and other such features are typical upgrades which can and will increase the price of your in-ground pool but will certainly be worth it. value of your home but also in the quality of your family’s life.


The sky is the limit!


Another thing to consider is the type of in-ground swimming pool that you will be building. Different materials vary in price, in each in-ground pool style has its own benefits, which can ultimately and largely be determined by where you live.   Allstate Pools Calabasas has tremendous buying power for supplies and equipment,  and will do everything in their power to make your in-ground pool and spa purchase as affordable as possible for you. Allstate Pools design professionals, contractors and builders promise to work with you to guarantee that you can have the in-ground pool you want, all while staying within a reasonable budget.     Allstate Pools Calabasas has also partnered up with many great companies to offer extremely affordable in ground swimming pool financing! contact us today for a no-obligation free estimate, and begin the process of building your dream in-ground pool oasis!


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