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Allstate Pools Brentwood would like to be your pool service partner for life.   We will handle everything: from design and building, to upkeep and the maintenance of your in ground swimming pool. All cleaning and repairs as well as equipment maintenance and upgrades are also within our scope of duty.


 Pool construction

Allstate Pools and Spas is he largest in-ground pool and spa builder in the state!   we have several branches across California and it is not hard to find a location in your local area.   Each of our Allstate Pools branches has a team that specializes in all aspects of in-ground pool construction.


 Pool remodeling

With close to 30 years of remodeling experience and expertise, Allstate Pools Brentwood has both the knowledge and the skills necessary to transform your  backyard landscape into the dream in-ground pool oasis that you and your family are dreaming of!   Allstate Pools designers and contractors are the industry experts at  the remodeling of existing in-ground pools.   Whether it’s replacing your pool, adding new features or replacing equipment, Allstate pools Brentwood is here to help.


#1 in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Time and time again,  customer loyalty and satisfaction.   Thousands of homeowners trust Allstate Pools to turn their backyard into their dream in-ground pool and spa Oasis.



The team here at Allstate Pools Brentwood wants to thank you for considering us to be your in-ground pool builder.   We certainly understand the decision of this magnitude is an important one, and it is also a big investment so we are truly honored to have the opportunity to not only tell you our story but you also educate you on how your in-ground swimming pool or Spa should be designed and built.

With  close to three decades of in-ground pool building experience and expertise, we not only have the knowledge but we also have the skills needed to transform what you dream into a reality in your backyard!   The team at Allstate pools Brentwood doesn’t just think of ourselves as a construction company, we realize that there’s a lot more to the entire in-ground pool building process than just that.   There are emotions involved in purchasing a new in-ground pool and to assist in this process we guarantee that we will have our staff there before, during, as well as after the entire Construction and design process to not only inform but to educate you as well.   Our team takes great pride and not just listening to what your current needs and wishes are, but you also anticipating what your future needs may be as well.


  Pool construction /  Pool remodeling



Because of the fact that  Allstate Pools Brentwood truly  understands the entire in-ground pool construction process, we are able to make the entire construction process go as smooth as possible.   Our team of professionals here at Allstate pools know what is necessary for the successful design construction and Engineering of your in-ground Pool.   whatever the shape you desire: large small free form or geometric, and whatever type of terrain it is on we will successfully design and install your dream in-ground pool.


As a custom in-ground pool builder, Allstate Pools Brentwood offers a complex and in-depth array of options to both in sure you’re in product is not just high quality but that it is uniquely you as well.   Many types of features can be incorporated into your in-ground pool design like slides shells and grotos and even beach in trees can be incorporated into the design of your in-ground pool to make it stand out and be distinctive!   There are other features that you can select as well such as colored lighting mosaics and even waterfalls that will not only at ambience but beautiful Aesthetics as well.



Allstate pools Brentwood has been recognized time and time again for not only their Innovative work, but they’re excellent customer service and the achieving of many awards.   We are secured mini spots on Mini list as a top pool builder, we have  mini unprecedented accomplishments in the in-ground pool industry.   These Awards and acknowledgements  mean a great deal to us, however it is ultimately the recommendations and the referrals that come from our customers which mean the most to us!


We are the states largest company of in-ground pool and spa builders.   What this means is that are large size enables us was strong buying power of both high end quality products, which ultimately translates into additional savings that we here at Allstate pools Brentwood are able to pass on to you.   That also gives us the opportunity to offer extensive and comprehensive warranties, which will not be found anywhere else.   We also have the ability to help you with finding in-ground pool financing should you require it, which equates to the bottom line of us being a leader in the Ingram pool business providing you the customer a total package of service , selection and quality that gives you the highest quality product at the best possible price and value!



Allstate pools Brentwood has a goal of providing all of our customers with the ultimate Experience! it is not enough for us to just be a competent and integrity-based in-ground pool builder, we strive to make sure that our customers know that they have been taken care of a long every step of the in-ground pool building process.   That is why it is of utmost importance to us that we live up to the reputation which we have worked incredibly hard to establish over are close to 30 year history!   What ultimately makes us different from so many other in-ground pool builders is that we truly care about all of our customers needs wants and concerns,  and we work tirelessly to make them feel like all of their issues are important as well as being taken care of in a timely fashion.


When you are ready to begin the process of building your dream in-ground pool, give all Staples Brentwood have call and our professional team of designers, contractors and customer service staff will give you the dream in-ground pool Oasis that you dream of and deserve! Call today!


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