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The process of Designing and Building a New In-ground Swimming Pool


Allstate Pools Granada Hills has built a top-notch reputation over the last 30 years for helping our customers design and construct the ultimate in-ground swimming pool oasis.   Our professional team of designers, contractors, and builders, we’re closely with each and every customer to determine their wants, their needs, and the best avenues to take for building  their backyard in-ground swimming pool oasis! At the end of the process the goal of Allstate Pools is to have designed and constructed a new in-ground swimming pool with a process that is streamline and cost-effective.   Our team of professionals will take into consideration the size of your backyard, the materials that you need, your budget, and the amount of time it takes to build to recommend both the perfect size of your in-ground pool as well as the style that meets and will surpass your needs and expectations!


In-ground pool layout and excavation



The team at Allstate Pools Granada Hills knows that seeing can be believing, so before we even begin the process of working on your new in-ground pool, our professional team of contractors will provide an extensive and detailed lay out in your backyard of what your in-ground pool area will look like.   After your approval, and after making any of your requested changes, our team of contractors and builders will begin the excavation process. Our contractors will use the proper sized equipment to dig out your in-ground pool area. Once the entire excavation is completed, the contractors will using material known as re-bar to create a solid and reinforced in-ground pool shell that will not only add strength but rigidity to your in-ground pool for years to come.


Plumbing and equipment for your in-ground pool



Allstate Pools Granada Hills has a team of licensed contractors that will add all necessary plumbing and all necessary electrical wiring for your in-ground pool.   Allstate Pools uses larger than required plumbing lines, which allows for a much more energy efficient in-ground pool. A concrete mixture is then forcefully sprayed over the entire shell made of re-bar.   This will create an interior for your in-ground pool. The contractors at Allstate Pools will then add tile, coping and any desired pool decking around your in-ground pool before they set up the pool equipment necessary to maintain your pool and manage your filtration and cleaning.   Our team will check that everything operates in the proper manner and that you ultimately have the best equipment for your in the ground pool needs.


In-ground pool interior finishing and Landscaping



The final step for Allstate Pools Granada Hills when constructing your in-ground pool is to apply a waterproof finish, covering the interior of your in-ground pool over the concrete.   Both color and material of your in-ground pool finish will affect the look of your pool, so we will work with you closely to determine and ensure a style that ultimately reflects your tree case.   Professional contractors can also add appropriate landscaping in the area of your in-ground pool so that when you leave your property, the area is both finished and ready for you and your family to enjoy!


Financing for your dream in-ground pool Oasis!



When it comes to financing your dream in-ground pool you have come to the right place!   The team here at Allstate Pools Granada Hills helps owners find the best solution for financing that they need to build in-ground swimming pools!


Allstate Pools understands that getting a new in-ground swimming pool is an enjoyable and fun experience, and we don’t believe that getting financing for that pool should be a hard process that takes away from the joy of your new backyard oasis!   The philosophy of Allstate Pools Granada Hills is to let the financing for you new in-ground swimming pool be left to the experts. We have chosen and partnered with some of the best and most recognized in-ground swimming pool financing teams in the industry to both advise and to direct our customers to the best financing options that are available to them.   These financial professionals specialize in the specific details of financing for in-ground pool projects, so that you can rest easy and know that you will get a complete and thorough evaluation as well as understanding of the financing process.


We have seen in recent years the loosening up of industry requirements and have resources and many options available for unsecured in-ground pool loans.   Allstate Pools Granada Hills partners with financial institutions that have many decades of experience in the in-ground pool financing business and that also provide the absolute same level customer service at Allstate Pools Granada Hills is known for!


From Home Improvement loans to unsecured loans, or financing, our financing partners offer an endless array of in-ground pool loan financing options with typical turnaround times  that can range from 1 to 2 days. Many options such as fixed rates are available, along with programs that offer no prepayment penalties that will allow you to get your swimming pool built when you want it, which is now!


Call the professionals at Allstate Pools Granada Hills today to speak with one of our friendly customer service team members and begin the journey to designing and building your ultimate in-ground pool dream!   Call today!


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