Swimming pools that were considered as a mark of luxury in yesteryears have been converted into a necessity today. More and more people today want swimming pools in the backyard of their home where they can spend their leisure time and swim for long to refresh themselves from the tiring

Inground pools are the most common type of swimming pools found anywhere in the world. As the name itself suggest it is constructed within the ground after excavating the soil from the place and applying certain engineering techniques along with required materials. Varieties of architectural designs and engineering techniques are

Custom Pool Designs Offer You more Options

When we all think about swimming pools we tend to think about the blue fiberglass forms that many swimming pools are made of, while these are fine if that is what you want, custom pool designs can be made free form and offer

California Pool Designs – Making your Dream Pool Reality

If you have a design in mind for your pool and wonder if it is possible to get it done for a price that you can afford, then you need to find a pool company that specializes in California pool designs.

What To Look For in A California Pool Contractor

If you have decided that you want to get a pool built in your backyard you will want to decide what California Pool Contractor is going to do the work for you, this can be a big decision since this will

Pool Slides Add More Fun to Your Pool

There is nothing like the fun of having a swimming pool in your back yard, the hot sun and cool water make for a great summer. When you add one of the many different pool slides to your pool, you are adding

Having a pool slide on your pool can really add to the enjoyment of your pool especially for the younger set in your home. It is important however to consider a number of factors before you look at pool slides for your pool. There are a number of factors that

Infinity Vanishing Edge Pools

Ever wondered about those beautiful Infinity (Vanishing Edge) Pools? Call Now!

BBQ's & Fireplaces

The Pool Area is all about family & social events. Want to know about BBQ options?


Listen to your new waterfall, Relax to your new oasis...right in your backyard!

Pools Lighting

LED lighting is the state of the art! Change colors in and around your pool while saving electricity!

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Allstate Pools and Spas All the work for our back yard remodel is complete. Thank you for all your help and good work. The backyard looks fantastic and I will get you some before and after pictures for your portfolio Allstate Pools and Spas

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